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Questions About Philadelphia Payday On A Look

While it may seem cut and dried these days to qualify for Philadelphia payday, you don't want to rush into it. You need to get your questions answered and know what you are making a commitment to. Once you get that money you are responsible for paying it back with interest. A common mistake customers make is assuming all lenders are the same. It is best to know right off the bat they aren't so you aren't learning the hard way later on.

How much money can I borrow? This is a very important question because you need to know the lender can satisfy your need. If you must get $700 but a lender can only give you $200 this isn't worth your time of applying because it means you still don't have enough. Look for a lender that can offer you the amount you really need.

What is the rate of interest and any fees that apply? While the law says a lender has to disclose the interest rate and any other fees, it isn't always cut and dried in the way it is displayed. Take your time to review the site and read the terms and conditions. You should still ask outright what the rate of interest will be and any fees that apply. Ideally, ask by email or chat so you have written documentation of it for reference.

What are the terms and conditions of my payday? You should be given a contract to sign stating you agree to specific terms and conditions before you get the money. If you don't get such paperwork you need to ask for it. If you don't understand it, you need to ask to have the information clarified for you. Never accept a loan without that documentation handy.

How do I repay my loan? Most Philadelphia payday now give you the option of paying the funds back over time rather than all at once. However, not all lenders offer that so you need to make sure. Will you need to send in the payment? Will they take it automatically from your bank account? Will you get a reminder? These are all very good questions to ask.

How soon will I get my money and through what method? Don't assume you will get your money immediately when you complete the paperwork. At a walk in payday location you usually do. They will give you cash or they will give you a check. Some locations can route the funds directly to a bank account for you.

If you get the payday online, you may have to wait a day or two for the funds. Typically, the money will go into a bank account for you. Sometimes, they can give you a confirmation to pick up funds at a local location. Rarely will they send you a check but if you don't have a bank account they may do so. This can take several days to arrive.

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